PLEASE Log your volunteer hours. The AGB receives funding based on the number of volunteer hours that are accumulated each year, so it's important! Also, 50 hours of volunteer time in one calendar year entitles you to a free parking pass for the following year.

In 2017, the AGB launched a program through Charity Republic to track all the volunteer hours of its members. If you, as a member, have not been sent an invitation to Charity Republic, then we need to add your name to the database. Please contact Monika Schaefer, who is your guild rep for the volunteer hours, to get your name added.

How to log your hours:
1. You will have received an email invitation with a link to Charity Republic.
2. Log in (and bookmark that page for easy reference in the future.)
3. Under your name are a bunch of icons starting with an italic i. Go across and choose the clock icon.
4. That will open a page that shows all of your logged hours. To add hours, go to the far right and click the green +
5. That will open up a page that starts with Position. Select Potter, Guild, AGB, Monika Schaefer. If you belong to more than one guild, you will have other options there to select a different guild. Monika is your supervisor for the guild, that's why her name is there, and she's the one to contact if you can't make this work.
6. Then select BLOCK beside Type
7. Today's date shows up in start and end and you can just leave it if you're logging activities for today, or change them to the appropriate date
8. Duration - type in the number of yours
9. Add a brief description so we know what you're logging hours for.
10. Hit SAVE AND SUBMIT (green button top right)
11. You are then taken to a new screen that shows all your hours and now a red box PENDING beside the one you've just entered. Your supervisor will look at the pending hours from time to time and approve them, at which point they become Verified.

Easy peasy!!

If you are having trouble, please contact Monika Schaefer for assistance.